What good will it do for Google to quit the Chamber?

The Chamber's power rests in part on its credibility as a voice for American business. As one of the biggest companies in the world and an icon of the new economy, Google quitting would undermine that credibility. Apple and Nike quitting made big headlines and undermined the Chamber's false narrative that climate legislation would be bad for business. And Politico calls the possibility of Google quitting the Chamber "a potentially serious blow to one of Washington's most powerful lobbies."

Why does Google care what you think?

Google's main business model is to make money from advertising to each of us when we use Gmail, Google search, and any number of other Google products. In the fast-moving tech world, it's critical for Google's long-term business plans to be viewed positively by its users. What's more, Google employees and executives want to feel proud to work at Google. Google's unofficial motto is "Don't Be Evil" – and by staying in the Chamber, they're legitimizing an institution that's hurting their users all around the world every day. And finally, there are already key people at Google who are arguing that Google should quit the Chamber – your support will bolster their position internally.

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